Upgrade and Elevate

Elevator Modernization

When it’s time to extend the value of your elevator equipment, we’re standing by with all the skills and experience needed to make your modernization project truly cost-effective.

Onwards and Upwards

A New Lease of Life for your Elevators

Not all elevators age gracefully. Stay ahead of the curve by planning modernization and upgrade work as your equipment gets older and becomes obsolete – or as state and federal requirements change. With Unitec as your elevator service partner, you have access to all the latest insight to what’s needed to comply with codes and regulations.

Unbeatable Safety

Our commitment to safety sets an unwavering focus on safety for both passengers and elevator technicians.

Maintenance Programs

We offer cost-efficient maintenance and support agreements tailored to your budget and business needs.

Testing & Compliance

Our state-of-the-art violations management system helps you ensure complete compliance at every stage.

Open the doors to improved performance

Whatever the reason for your elevator modernization project, it will uncover a range of complimentary benefits that will serve your building and your passengers for many years to come. It can provide improved safety, performance, and accessibility, while also lowering energy costs and creating a better travel experience for everyone.

Never compromise on safety

With a world-class safety program embedded into all Unitec operations, we are set to meet all your health and safety needs today and in the future. We take pride in working closely with both clients and suppliers to protect your passengers as well as our own support teams.

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Our Additional Services

Check out our full range of elevator services and how we can help you get maximum value from your elevator investments for many years to come.


Elevator breakdowns and malfunctions can bring building traffic to a halt, causing significant disruption and frustration for passengers. When disaster strikes, you need the right partner in place.

Testing & Compliance

All your elevator equipment should be safe and fully compliant to regulations. Remove the element of risk by teaming up with our skilled team of repair and testing experts.

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