How to Choose the Right Elevator Maintenance Partner

Elevator Maintenance
We often talk about the importance of having a contract relationship with a dependable elevator maintenance company, because it gives you access to regular maintenance that helps you spot and remedy elevator problems before they occur. A good maintenance program allows you to maintain reliable and safe operating conditions, save money, and boost tenant satisfaction – while steering clear of code violations and possible legal liabilities. But how do you choose the right maintenance partner for your property?

How to Choose the Right Elevator Maintenance Company

There are a range of factors to consider when looking for the right elevator maintenance partner, and it can seem like the selection is enormous – especially here in New York. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve collated some of the best questions to ask elevator companies.

Questions to Ask
  • Will the company share references of some of their current clients with similar buildings and elevators? Make sure you get to ask questions about things like service attitude, response times and project completion performance. It’s also important to explore how the company relates to building occupants during maintenance and repair calls.


  • Is the company located reasonably close to your building? Alternatively, do they consistently field a sufficient number of top-tier mechanics in your region, who are able to respond quickly to time-sensitive repairs and emergency services? You may also want to ask what their capacity is for major repairs, in case a machine or cable suddenly needs repair.


  • Will they share how many elevators – and what types of buildings – that are routinely serviced by mechanics on their routes? And is there a backup plan for situations when their primary mechanics happen to be unavailable?


  • Does the company have specific expertise in your property’s elevator equipment? Typical equipment ranges from geared traction, non-geared traction, and hydraulic, to non-machine-room elevators and freight or cargo elevator systems. This expertise doesn’t just relate to the hardware, but you should also check that they have the skills to access the software interface for the elevator’s control system. You may also want to make sure the company has experience of maintaining elevators in your particular building: be it commercial, residential, high-rise, or low-rise.


  • Will there be a dedicated team for your account? And what is your round-the-clock contact point for emergencies? You should make sure to discuss what the company’s communication processes look like. In addition, you should explore whether the company is willing to enter into an agreement that specifies performance details and accountability over time.

  • If your elevator system includes any proprietary components, is the company able to service or replace them? If and when making replacements, can they use non-proprietary parts that will be less expensive and allow you more flexibility with manufacturers going forward – and do they stock parts that your elevator will need in the event of a failure?


  • Will the company regularly provide you with things like safety and compliance risk assessments? Also, do they offer audits of energy usage and efficiency, projections of repair and maintenance events and expenses, identification of major weak points, and timely recommendations for preventing future repairs and service failures?


  • How would the company transition you from your existing elevator services to their own? How long will it take to learn the details of your elevator system and equipment, and implement the shift?


  • What will be the financial arrangements? You want to specifically ensure that the company can clearly outline their billing policy for any emergency overtime charges. Are after-hours calls included in the base cost or considered overtime?


Discover the Benefits of Great Elevator Maintenance

Finding the right elevator maintenance partner can pay major dividends in reliability, safety, cost savings, time savings, tenant satisfaction and peace of mind. Of course, finances are always an issue, and, while you will want to negotiate a favorable arrangement, resist selecting the cheapest offer to avoid the possibility of slow and unreliable service that compromises safety and is more costly in the end.

The right company for your property will be one qualified to recommend and implement a program that is perfectly suited to the specific level of service and communication that you need.


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